Our Services

Sales Presentations - Sales Reps & Management Love Us!

Our presentations come from years of sales experience in this industry and are designed to guide your customers to a buying decision. In fact, we have helped many home improvement companies add several million in sales and launch many new products. We have numerous templates to start from or we take what you have and improve upon it. Every presentation is unique and branded to your company, colors and theme as well as the services you provide.

DigitalTools.Expert - Home Improvement Sales Tool

Creative Mind Concepts, Inc. has designed and built a Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud platform for the Home Improvement Industry. Our team consist of industry sales experts, top presentation designers and senior software developers. Our services cost less than the profits you'll typically make in the first week as we often see sales increased by 40% to 90% and more.

Live Presentation Slide Tracking - Includes History

Imagine having the management capability to track each sales rep live in the home by presentation, by individual slide, and for how long. Many of our customer sales managers use this feature to make sure their sales rep is in the home and actively engaged, or to assist in coordinating additional appointments. The history option allows you to track past performance, benchmark best practices and prove whether or not a slide was shown to a homeowner should any dispute arise.

Cloud Estimates and Calculators

Our developers have built many sales calculators for this industry and we are often praised for our accuracy and ability to do auto-calculated investment comparisons. Our calculators are designed step-by-step to give your customers enough information to buy now. Our cloud-based estimates are set up like a cart, with images as well as in-depth selections that are customizable to your needs. Calculators and estimates are set up for e-signature as well.

Training Videos / Cloud Quizzes

Home Improvement companies are under constant pressure to improve win rates and get reps up to speed and selling more effectively. To win more deals, sales reps need to bring more value to the conversation. We have a built in feature to our DigitalTools.Expert to store your training material for easy access, and the ability to see who is, or is not, accessing it. We also build training videos, material and quizzes to help your team improve more efficiently.


Who doesn't want more referrals? Many of our customers have requested we add in this feature. It's simple to use, and right there with the rest of your sales tools. You have the ability to set up the referrals to go straight to the sales rep, or straight to the office, or both. If you like to grab referrals while in the home, then this is a great feature to have quick access to.

2D/3D Graphics - Presentation Animation - Explainer Videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then imagine what properly placed graphic animation, charts and video can do for your presentations. Our designs and the sales psychology behind each image will significantly build trust in your company, promote your product over the competition and keep your customers focused and excited to buy.


You can manage users access by specific levels and add, or delete, a user in seconds. User access is permitted after they enter their email address and their personal password. Your data is secure behind an extensive cloud firewall with a top ranked hosting facility and a 99.9% uptime. We do not share your data with anyone or allow any unauthorized access.


We 100% understand this industry and know what it takes to get sales reps and management ready to go. We set up everything to get you started ASAP. We have actual humans from inside the USA to answer your calls, and urgently respond to all emails, text and tickets. You can access our cloud-based software from any device and it sizes correctly. If you win, we win!