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Why Us? - Leverage our expertise to benefit you!

Are you a home improvement company facing challenges in closing deals and effectively presenting your services? Are you seeking to make a lasting impression on potential homeowners and distinguish yourself from the competition? Your search ends here! Allow us to introduce Creative Mind Concepts, the masters of crafting compelling sales presentations. With a track record of designing thousands of home improvement sales presentations, including collaborations with seven out of the top ten home improvement companies nationwide, we are eager to leverage our expertise to benefit you!

Sales Presentations - Sales Reps & Management Love Us!

Our presentations are the culmination of years of sales experience in this industry, skillfully crafted to steer your customers towards a purchasing decision. In fact, we have played a pivotal role in assisting numerous home improvement companies in generating millions of dollars in sales and successfully launching multiple new products. We offer a plethora of templates to choose from, or we can enhance and optimize your existing content. Each presentation is tailored to your company, incorporating your brand, colors, theme, and the specific services you offer, ensuring a unique and impactful representation.

Our Team - Industry Sales, Product, and Presentation Experts

Our dedicated team comprises industry sales experts, research specialists, exceptional presentation designers, graphic design experts, animation experts, AI experts, video editors, and seasoned software developers. By leveraging our cost-effective design services, you can experience a significant return on investment, often spending less than the profits generated from your initial one or two new projects. Our solutions consistently provide lasting benefits for your business.

DigitalTools.Expert - Home Improvement Sales Tool

Creative Mind Concepts, Inc. has developed a specialized SaaS cloud platform for the Home Improvement Industry. With real-time monitoring, slide-by-slide tracking, and historical data, our platform ensures active engagement and streamlines appointment coordination for sales representatives. Benchmark past performance and enhance best practices effortlessly.

Ingage - Strategic Partnership

Upon receiving exceptionally positive feedback about our exceptional creative presentations in the industry, the CEO of Ingage approached the CEO of our company, Creative Mind Concepts. Recognizing Ingage's renowned expertise in providing cutting-edge presentation technology, we eagerly embraced the chance to form a strategic partnership. Now, you also have the opportunity to have us develop your presentation within their platform. Our mutual objective is to deliver unparalleled service and solutions to our esteemed customers..

Cloud Estimates, Calculators and More

With a wealth of experience, our developers excel in crafting sales calculators tailored for our industry, renowned for their precision and automated investment comparison capabilities. These meticulously designed calculators guide customers through a seamless step-by-step process, empowering them with the essential information needed for swift purchasing decisions. Furthermore, we provide a wide range of customizable development options to cater to your specific requirements and preferences.

Training Videos / Quizzes

Home Improvement companies face ongoing challenges in enhancing win rates and enabling their sales representatives to sell more effectively. To secure more deals, sales reps must deliver increased value during conversations with potential customers. That's where our professional Learn Management System comes in. With a wide range of resources including videos and training quizzes, we provide comprehensive training on our sales presentations, certification courses, sales techniques, and any other offerings you may require. Empower your team with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their roles.

AI - Graphics - Animation - Explainer Videos

In the realm of presentations, the power of visuals is unparalleled. Properly placed graphic animations, charts, and videos have the potential to convey messages far beyond the limitations of words. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, we specialize in creating engaging explainer videos and images that strategically enhance crucial segments of your sales presentation. Our designs, combined with a deep understanding of sales psychology, work harmoniously to establish trust in your company, position your product above competitors, and captivate your customers, fostering a sense of excitement and motivation to make a purchase.


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We are well-versed in the industry, equipped with the expertise to prepare your sales reps and management for optimal success. Count on us to efficiently handle all setup tasks, enabling you to start swiftly and smoothly. Our responsive team of dedicated professionals, based in the USA, promptly attends to your calls, emails, texts, and support tickets. Accessible from any device, our cloud-based software is perfectly tailored to fit your screen, ensuring seamless compatibility. Together, we share a unified objective - your triumph is our triumph!